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Catimec International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (noticeably known as “CATIMEC”), CATIMEC is situated in China’s landmark & prominent beautiful seaport TIANJIN, which is well known as the most dynamic city being national economic developing region. CATIMEC was invested and set up by the former CATIC International Industry and Trade Company in 2009. According to the development strategy and Restructuring requirements of AVIC,CATIMEC completed the restructuring and exiting of state-owned shares in 2018.


Relying on unique market and industrial advantage, CATIMEC explores the international market actively. The large-scale government project contracting and import & export of the bulk stock & resource products are our core business; moreover, the industry investment and import & export of the machineries & equipment are our essential business,all of which are related to the segments on energy, resources, transportation and military in thousands of categories. CATIMEC has built up social bonds as stable ties, trustworthiness & credibility with many domestic manufacturers, professional designing institutes and famous foreign enterprises & firms. On the oversea project management and bulk stock import & export, CATIMEC has worked on the crucial parameters of experience, technical know-how, teamwork and streamline management.


Pursuant to philosophy “Professional Integrity & Innovation transcendence”, CATIMEC has shaped its own culture by genuine vision of “unique views, unique markets, unique commodities, unique skills, unique efforts” and missions of “care for employees’ growth and creation on social value” for the sake of persistent cohesion, execution and creativity. CATIMEC is striving to be the excellent enterprise on international project contracting, import & export and concerned fields, with its high quality products and value-added service supply to the shareholders, society and customer under the idea of lean management, professional service, harmony improvement, unity cooperation and excellent pursuit.

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